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GRG Column Casings

"GRG – Glass Reinforced Gypsum, column casings are a modern alternative to traditional methods of providing an aesthetic casing around unsightly structural columns."

Our GRG casings are manufactured in our modern production facility in Leeds using a range of hard casting plasters hand laminated with multi layers of glass fibre matt for reinforcement, resulting in casings giving a perfectly smooth and highly durable surface finish - free from trowel marks usually associated with hand finished plasterwork. The casings are class O non combustible and although will withstand a degree of humidity, should essentially be designed for internal use only.
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Glass Reinforced Gypsum

GRG, or Glass Reinforced Gypsum is a strong, versatile, lightweight product intended primarily for internal locations. It is manufactured with hard casting plasters reinforced with glass fibre matting and metal or timber sections. It can be screwed directly or traditionally wired and wadded to a metal framework. The complete system including all supporting framework will be detailed, supplied and erected by the company.
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Fibrous Plasterwork

Fibrous Plasterwork is the more traditional form of decorative plasterwork and it is manufactured with casting plasters reinforced with jute hessian scrim and timber sections. More commonly associated with restoration and replacement of ornate decorative plasterwork.
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